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Google Chromebook in an Academic Environment: Yea or Nay?

M. C. Phelps & J. W. Owens Summary. This article looks at the effectiveness of the Google Chromebook from the perspective of five individuals from various academic backgrounds. Chromebook is an Internet-oriented notebook computer where the majority of functionality is

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Are Users Blind to Text Advertisements?

Justin W. Owens Summary. This study examined whether the phenomena of banner blindness also applies to text advertisements. Twenty-five participants completed search tasks on a mock travel website. Search targets were distributed across content and advertising regions. Results indicate that

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Comparing the Highlight Feature on E-Readers: Kindle vs. Nook

M. Phan & J. Teves Summary. The rising demand of owning a light-weight, portable device that can hold an entire library’s worth of books has created a growing market of electronic reading devices. This article summarizes the major findings of

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Patterns of Information Sharing Among Inner and Outer Social Circles

Justin W. Owens, A. D. Shaikh, & B. S. Chaparro Summary. With the proliferation of social networking applications, sharing information online has become more common for information that users encounter. This article summarizes the results of an online survey which

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Using Google Web Fonts to Make the Web More Beautiful (and Functional)

A. Dawn Shaikh, Senior User Researcher, Google, Inc. Summary. The state of web typography is undergoing a change as web fonts become more prevalent. Website designers and developers now have many alternatives to the standard system fonts (Arial, Times New

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