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How Are College Students Using E-Textbooks?

By J. Jardina, C. Gillett,  & B. Chaparro Summary: This study examines the advantages and disadvantages of available apps on various devices for reading e-Textbooks. Students completed a survey in which they stated which apps they used on which devices for

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Review: Sketching Experiences with Pencil

By C. Lauterbach Summary. Current design programs allow UX professionals to generate mockups. While specific features within these programs are useful in the creation of a simple or interactive prototype, some major features are not without usability issues. This article is

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Review: Comparing Image Compressors – Less is More

By C. Lauterbach Summary. Images are a necessary part of the user experience as they assist in identifying actionable buttons, clarifying concepts, shaping behavior, and providing a pleasant experience.  They can also negatively impact the user experience when they are

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First Impressions of Fitness-Tracking Devices: What Attributes Matter?

By A. Pfannenstiel & B. Chaparro Summary. This study investigated first impressions of the usability and functionality of 6 different fitness tracking devices. While many previous studies assess the accuracy and behavioral effects of fitness tracking devices, limited research has been done

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Looking Good? Eye Movement Patterns of Video Game Covers

By M. Phan, J. He, & B. Chaparro Summary. Studies have shown that first impressions of websites can lead to lasting opinions regarding usability and trustworthiness. However, little research has been conducted concerning first impressions of video games, specifically game box

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