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Visual Appeal vs. Usability: Which One Influences User Perceptions of a Website More?

Christine Phillips* & Barbara S. Chaparro Summary. This study examines the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance and satisfaction with a website. Users completed search and exploratory tasks on sites which varied in visual appeal (high and

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Does Background Music Impact Computer Task Performance?

By Christine Phillips Summary: The effects of music on performance on a computer-mediated problem-solving task were examined. Participants completed the task in anonymous dyads as they were exposed to either Classical music, Punk music, or No Music. Results indicate that

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Aesthetics and Usability: A Look at Color and Balance

By Laurie Brady and Christine Phillips As websites continue to fight for the attention of potential users, designers must begin to look not only at the inherent usability of the site, but also its perceived usability. For instance, Tractinsky (1997)

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Balancing Image Quality and Speed: How to Shave Seconds off Your Download Time

By Laurie Larsen & Christine Phillips The Internet has changed the way information is displayed. According to Weinman and Heavin, (1997) "It is no longer necessary to only create compelling visuals and information – the speed with which your site

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E-Books: Are We Going Paperless?

By Paula Selvidge & Christine Phillips Will electronic books (e-books) change the experience of reading? Will students soon carry a mobile device in their backpacks instead of a ton of textbooks? Some major university projects at the University of Michigan

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