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Hotspots and Hyperlinks: Using Eye-tracking to Supplement Usability Testing

By Mark C. Russell Summary: This article discusses how eye-tracking can be used to supplement traditional usability test measures. User performance on two usability tasks with three e-commerce websites is described. Results show that eye-tracking data can be used to

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Using Eye-Tracking Data to Understand First Impressions of a Website

by Mark Russell Summary: This study discusses the contributions of eye-tracking data to traditional usability test measures for first-time usage of websites. Participants viewed the homepages of three different websites. Results showed that eye-movement data supplemented what users verbally reported

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What’s the Skinny on Weight Loss Websites?

By A. Dawn Shaikh, J. Ryan Baker, & Mark C. Russell Summary: This study reports on the usability test of three weight loss websites. In addition, eye tracking patterns were observed for initial exposure to each site home page. Results

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