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Visual Appeal vs. Usability: Which One Influences User Perceptions of a Website More?

Christine Phillips* & Barbara S. Chaparro Summary. This study examines the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance and satisfaction with a website. Users completed search and exploratory tasks on sites which varied in visual appeal (high and

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Know Your Typefaces! Semantic Differential Presentation of 40 Onscreen Typefaces

By A. D. Shaikh Summary. This article presents results from a study investigating the personality of typefaces. Participants were asked to rate 40 typefaces (from serif, sans serif, display, and handwriting classes) using semantic differential scales. Responses are shown by

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Using Repertory Grid Interviews to Capture First Impressions of Homepages

Veronica Hinkle Summary. This article explains the Repertory Grid Interview (RGI) method and provides an example of how to use it to capture users’ first impressions of website homepages. Six website homepages selling high-end food products were used for this

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Pushing the Right Buttons: Design Characteristics of Touch Screen Buttons

Amanda Smith Summary. Currently there is an abundance of style guidelines which apply to desktop applications. Some emerging technologies, such as touch screen driven devices, are challenging these suggested conventions from the past. This study explored the appropriateness of various

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Trick or Tweet: How Usable is Twitter for First-Time Users?

Justin W. Owens, Kelsi Lenz, and Stephanie Speagle Summary. Social networking websites have become common tools people use for communication and sharing media such as photos. Currently, one of the most popular social networking websites is Twitter. A usability study

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