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How do Users View Search Results Presented in a Grid Layout?

By C. Siu & B. Chaparro Summary. Previous research has shown that users scan traditional text-based Web pages using an “F-shaped” pattern. Evidence of this pattern exists because of the hierarchical structure of search engine result pages (SERP). In Windows 8, search

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Preliminary Examination of Global Expectations of Users’ Mental Models for E-Commerce Web Layouts

By Michael Bernard & Ashwin Sheshadri Summary: Preliminary results of an online global survey to investigate user expectations of standard e-commerce web objects are presented. The web objects included Back to Home, Advertisements, Internal Links, External Links, Shopping Cart, and

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Developing Schemas for the Location of Common Web Objects

By Michael Bernard An essential ingredient in constructing the content of a website is knowing the typical users’ mental model or ‘schema’ for the characteristic location of web objects on a website. Knowledge of this schema and constructing a site

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