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Are Users Blind to Text Advertisements?

Justin W. Owens

Summary. This study examined whether the phenomena of banner blindness also applies to text advertisements. Twenty-five participants completed search tasks on a mock travel website. Search targets were distributed across content and advertising regions.

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Exploring the Usability of E-Health Websites

Curtis V. Lauterbach

Summary. One of the most common resources for health information is the Internet. On some websites, users are able to input personal symptoms into a Symptom Checker. The Symptom Checker provides

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Keyboard Performance: iPad versus Netbook

B. Chaparro, B. Nguyen, M. Phan, A. Smith, & J. Teves

Summary. This study evaluated performance and subjective perceptions of three keyboard styles: the iPad soft keyboard (in both landscape and portrait orientation), as well as a Acer netbook

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Dollars and Sense of Google Ads within Blogs

Doug Fox, Amanda Smith, & A. Dawn Shaikh**

Summary. Google AdSense text ads are a popular way to advertise in blogs. In addition to the benefit for the advertiser, blog creators are able to generate income from featuring

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Visual Appeal vs. Usability: Which One Influences User Perceptions of a Website More?

Christine Phillips* & Barbara S. Chaparro

Summary. This study examines the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance and satisfaction with a website. Users completed search and exploratory tasks on sites which varied in visual appeal

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