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The Effects of Line Length on Children and Adults’ Online Reading Performance

By Michael Bernard, Marissa Fernandez, & Spring Hull Adults, as well as children these days often read an extensive amount of information online. For example, of the 25-to-34-years-old age group, it is reported that 25 percent read online newspapers, compared

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Determining Cognitive Predictors of User Performance within Complex User Interfaces

By Michael L. Bernard1, Chris Hamblin, & Brett Scofield It is quite apparent that the computer is now a ubiquitous tool for both home and work. It is also evident that computer interfaces have, in general, acquired more functions and

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Examining the Effects of Hypertext Shape on User Performance

By Michael L. Bernard1,2 Studies examining the depth and breadth of hypertext structures have consistently found that increasing its depth correspondingly decreases its search efficiency. This is typically reflected in increased user search time, disorientation, and error, along with reduced

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