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Patterns of Information Sharing Among Inner and Outer Social Circles

Justin W. Owens, A. D. Shaikh, & B. S. Chaparro Summary. With the proliferation of social networking applications, sharing information online has become more common for information that users encounter. This article summarizes the results of an online survey which

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Trick or Tweet: How Usable is Twitter for First-Time Users?

Justin W. Owens, Kelsi Lenz, and Stephanie Speagle Summary. Social networking websites have become common tools people use for communication and sharing media such as photos. Currently, one of the most popular social networking websites is Twitter. A usability study

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Usability Evaluation of Three Social Networking Sites

Doug Fox & Shiva Naidu Summary. Social networking sites have quickly become one of the most popular means of online communication. Users can quickly share photos, videos, and communicate to friends, family, and colleagues via a social networking site. This

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