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Pushing the Right Buttons: Design Characteristics of Touch Screen Buttons

Amanda Smith Summary. Currently there is an abundance of style guidelines which apply to desktop applications. Some emerging technologies, such as touch screen driven devices, are challenging these suggested conventions from the past. This study explored the appropriateness of various

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Designing a Touch Screen Kiosk for Older Adults: A Case Study

By Barbara Chaparro & Laszlo Stumpfhauser1 An independent-living senior center recently approached us with a request to “build a system that could track the fitness activity of their approximately 160 older residents.” The center houses a Fitness Club that offers

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Entering Text Into Hand-Held Devices: Comparing Two Soft Keyboards

By Michael Bohan With the increasing demand for smaller more mobile devices (e.g., PDAs, pen tablets, etc.), manufacturers have been forced to consider alternative methods of input (other than a standard keyboard) such as pen-based input via handwriting recognition or

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