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Looking Good? Eye Movement Patterns of Video Game Covers

By M. Phan, J. He, & B. Chaparro Summary. Studies have shown that first impressions of websites can lead to lasting opinions regarding usability and trustworthiness. However, little research has been conducted concerning first impressions of video games, specifically game box

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Understanding How and Why People Play Facebook Games

By M. H. Phan & B. Chaparro Summary. The main goal of this study was to assess the general attitude, habit, and behavior of people who currently or previously played Facebook games. Of the 287 who completed the survey on

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Video Games: Males Prefer Violence while Females Prefer Social

By M. H. Phan, J. R. Jardina, & W. S. Hoyle Summary. In the last issue of Usability News, we reported on the general gaming preferences and behaviors of current video game players. In this study we broke down the

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Video Gaming Trends: Violent, Action/Adventure Games are Most Popular

By Mikki H. Phan Summary. The continual growth of the video game industry is a testament to many people’s enduring hobby of playing video games. Playing video games now is very different than when it first reached mainstream popularity in

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Examining the Critical User Interface Components of First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games

Lenz, K. & Fox, D. Summary. First-person shooter (FPS) video games have become the 3rd highest selling genre of video game in the entertainment software industry. One important component of a FPS is the interface that provides feedback on a

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